Welcome to i_CONSIGNMENT, our inventory management system.  Created to ensure you deliver the best customer experience – every time – on time.  Speed to market is critical, we know your reputation depends on it. i_CONSIGNMENT ensures that you can react fast, with genuine flexibility. In the ever increasingly competitive print service industry – growing and retaining your customers, is crucial.  Always have the right stock, in the right place, at the right time.
Transform your
business today

Right Stock

  • Analysis and consultation of your order history results in the agreed upon ‘Minimum and Maximum’ trigger levels of stock holding required for your business.
  • i_CONSIGNMENT helps monitor your trends, determines how much stock you have on hand, how much you have consumed and how much is due to be delivered - all in real time.
  • If your on-hand quantity falls below the minimum trigger level, a replenishment delivery is automatically generated.

Right Place

  • i_CONSIGNMENT affords you the comfort of holding adequate stock levels on your premises at any given time, but with the advantage of only paying for what you use.
  • The convenience of one consolidated invoice a month. Lets you drive maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Manage expectations by balancing your cash flow priorities on a daily basis, a fundamental for any business.
  • i_CONSIGNMENT provides you with sleek, purpose-fit shelving and racking solutions to suit all your production demands.

Right Time

  • Embrace the pace of digital print, going from design to consumer in minimal time. Never run out of stock with i_CONSIGNMENT. Hit print with confidence that you will deliver - on time - every time.
  • i_CONSIGNMENT streamlines your deliveries, curtails administration handling and waste.
  • Sudden increase in production demand? New items can be added at any point - with just a click of a button.

Shelving & Racking

i_CONSIGNMENT has a range of sturdy, effective shelving solutions to suit all your production requirements. We’re also able to work with your existing shelving systems.

Post Installation

Implementing i_CONSIGNMENT into your business is a seamless transition, with our post installation program.
Transform your
business today

  • To make on boarding as smooth as possible, for the first 3 months - We’ll be there. We’ll organise monthly check-in appointments to audit your i_CONSIGNMENT set-up.
  • We’ll collectively review minimum and maximum stock holding levels are appropriate.
  • And, we’ll refresh usage training for all your staff to ensure the platform is being maximised.
  • To ensure your i_CONSIGNMENT is optimised, we’ll send you a quick email reminder the 3rd week of the month to prompt you to consume stock by the end of the month.
  • This will result in a slick, consolidated monthly invoicing process that will reduce administration and handling.

Consuming Stock

  • Option 1 – Just download any QR Code Reader app to your Smartphone and you will immediately have access to consume your stock.
  • Option 2 – Simply log on to The Portal and select the ‘Consume’ tab and you can easily record usage.
  • Don’t worry, we’ll cover all this in your onboarding.

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How do I sign-up to i_CONSIGNMENT?

Easy, either email us signup.i_consignment@ballanddoggett.com.au or contact your B&D representative.

What do you mean by minimum / maximum stock holding levels?

Minimum is the point where if your stock dropped below this - you would still have enough on hand to continue until a replenishment delivery arrived.

Can I change my minimum / maximum stock holding levels at any time?

Sure, just contact us portal@ballanddoggett.com.au or reach out to your B&D representative.

Can I order product outside of i_CONSIGNMENT?

Of course, login to The Portal and select ‘Orders’.

Can I send stock back if I don’t use it?

Certainly, you just need to alert your B&D representative or send your request to portal@ballanddoggett.com.au.

Can I add new items to i_CONSIGNMENT if I need to?

Absolutely. Just reach out to your B&D representative or contact us portal@ballanddoggett.com.au.

Do I have to use the PC to consume stock?

Not at all, you can simply scan the QR Code on your Smartphone to record your usage.

If I have a manual consignment with B&D, can I convert this to i_CONSIGNMENT?

Definitely, please contact your B&D representative and they’ll start the process.

What happens if I consume stock but don’t record it?

You will not be replenished with new stock and risk production being interrupted or delayed.

Can I reverse my consumption if I made an error?

Sure thing, login to The Portal and select ‘Usage’ locate the transaction and click ‘Reverse’ the quantity of stock will be put back on hand.